no datepicker format and language problems with profile manager

if you want to change the date format and language for the datepicker, you can have a lot of fun ;-))

so, for me the easiest way was to change the language file of the profile manager as you see below :-)




// Generiere vom Übersetzungsbrowser.

$german = array(
         'profile_manager:datepicker:output:dateformat' => '%a %d %b %Y',
         'profile_manager:datepicker:input:localisation' => 'jquery.datepick-de.js',
         'profile_manager:datepicker:input:dateformat'  =>  "%d/%m/%Y" ,
         'profile_manager:datepicker:input:dateformat_js'  =>  "dd/mm/yy"

add_translation('de', $german);