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How can i edit code in my custom_index folder so that 'blogs' and 'latest members' does not show on the home page of my elgg site?

  • /var/www/html/mod/custom_index/views/default/canvas/layouts/new_index.php

  • The home/main page is already suffering from povertty of content. Do you want to make an anorexia patient starve as well? :)

    Anyway, save a copy of you mod/custom_index/index.php and try removing the following:

    To remove 'latest blog posts', remove:

    $blogs = elgg_list_entities(array('type' => 'object', 'subtype' => 'blog', 'limit' => 4, 'full_view' => FALSE, 'view_type_toggle' => FALSE, 'pagination' => FALSE));

    To remove the "latest members", remove:

    $newest_members = elgg_get_entities_from_metadata(array('metadata_names' => 'icontime', 'types' => 'user', 'limit' => 20));