beware ... kewl scam

Any body can find this info using google and a few clicks ...

The sales pitch:


the bonuses mentioned in that post are new.. additional to the $10 signup bonus.. the office hours had to be placed here.. some expect their bonuses to be added instantly (or within minutes) when joining.. despite the fact that they might be joining in what is the middle of the day for them.. but middle of the night for us.. and despite the fact we clearly state onsite to allow 24hrs lol (some of us often miss little details like that)..

..and we thought it might help you to know that MyFreeMoneyMatrix is a jv with Your Action$ Pay..and that kewlpayHYiP is part of a bigger network..

actually we own/operate web properties including but not limited to: kewlpay (pay processor) kewlpayAdX (ad credits-based pay processor), kewlpayAbS (paid Auto (banner) surf -earn surf credits, ad credits and banner exchange credits)... plus kewlnet (our international home portal), icastcentral (radio and tv, plus free forums and chatrooms host), bloggerdream(blog host), kewlmates(friendship & b2b networking), kewlbrits(uk visp, BBC Broadband Partner & web portal), carialert(missing person/pet online alert system) , theblasterbot (not just a blog and list blaster but a complete referral engine) .. we also own 2 banner exchanges, 2 traffic exchanges and 2 startpage exchanges..

oh..and of course we pay our members!


If you search for details of the sites mentioned by 'kewlkash' including 'kewlmates', you'll find a few things (you certainly will not find any legitimate association with "BBC Broadband"), including this:

Beware of anything promising money for nothing, even if it associates itself with Poker gaming or missing persons work carried out with the police or FBI or CIA.

 Kewl = Con.

Avoid anything associated with this 'kewl' name and address:

Adie Close
219 Golden Grove
Southampton SO14 1QJ


Read about his amateur 'kewl' payment processing scam here:



i have taken back operation of kewlpay..

and cleared the decks! ..

scrapped: the ad agent/ad credits concept
scrapped: the bank account+card
scrapped: referral program

we use only one ecurrency: egold.
deposits and withdrawals cost only 0.5% per transaction!
member to member and member to none member transactions
.. free to send AND FREE TO RECEIVE!

we will never put our rates up or charge to send OR receive funds member to member or member to non-member!
.. hyip coming soon!

use a username instead of your egold id..
simplify single purchase button creation..
add subscription options to your program!
invoices and receipts sent in response to every transaction!

adie close
kbco ltd


 This is what the police thought of adie close and his mssing persons scam:


Reading the Carialert webpage, it certainly appears that this is a device to get people to join up to YMA, which is a business venture which some would call spam. I also think that the words in the post above:

"police officers get paid by taxpayers to fight crime and find missing persons etc..

you could say that individual police officers make money off missing persons and other miseries.."

would be considered offensive by police officers.


You have been warned.



  • This is the YMA scam referred to:

    To be able to subscribe to that, you have to subscribe to this:


    If it says 'kewl in it - AVOID IT!

  • I do believe that the Elgg Comm Admins should consider banning this AdClose person again.. permanently - He is starting to irritate too many, too much.

  • I completely agree.

  • We at FK use an IP logging system, so that if there are complaints about a particlar user - we can grab their IP#(s), determine if it is fixed or roaming and ban via IP# and poof, they're gone lolz ;-) I hope and am sure that Elgg Comm has same power code.

  • I tied to cooperate with Adclose by creating plugins for him. He didn't keep his end of the deal. He tried to scam and intimidate me in a very low way. I lost much time and attention to this person. This was before I heard of his scams. He earned the honour of being the only client banned from


    I hope at least people who read this page will not have to deal with Adclose.

  • Vazco ;-) Dlaczego nie zapytasz mnie, po pierwsze? Kewl zwrócił się do mnie kilka tygodni temu do pracy wtyczki. Ale kiedy powiedziałem cena $ - Stwierdził, że "za drogie"! Więc przestałem;-O

    ( Vazco ;-) Why did you not ask me first ? Kewl contacted me several weeks ago for PlugIn work. But when I told the price $ - He said "too expensive" ! So I stopped ;-O )

  • as his long suffering gf and partner of over 12 years, i can speak with some authority on this matter.

    my response:

    you quote very very old information that was never taken offline including just one poster in a forum who did not understand the concept. the posts you quote were never posted by adie. someone has been trying to stir things quoting old domains.

    no-one had to join yma to join carialert. however, it was funding carialert.

    many of those websites have been taken offline before and since adie's breakdown.

    just like big hits was funding

    in the usa there is a different approach to fund raising. i notice you failed to mention mr closes' 24/7 alert monitoring. and the fact he did not charge the authorities anything to distribute/edit alerts, unlike others we could mention.

    nor did he quibble about contracts running out when asked to issue an alert (like some we could mention).

    bbc broadband did have a list of partners, in the old days of their partner program. and as was a visp for abel internet, both abel and kewlbrits were listed. in addition abel and kewlbrits were allowed to link to video content.. the forerunner of the iplayer.

    YMA is not a scam. it is a legitamate safelist hosting business. and you do not have to join kewlpost at all.

    the so called quote of phil's regarding kewlpay is false. mr close never posted that item.

    i grant you, mr close can be a bit forthright in his views and had very very high standards of himself and others before his breakdown. i suffered more than once.

    he didn't seem to understand that although he might be passionate about helping others in a particular way, there are those in this world who may not be quite so passionate about his way as he was.. or cant understand how or why.

    phil, and the entire elgg community, do an enormous amount of good works. 

    despite the times i tried to get him to understand, adie failed to see any of it. bulldozed his way through and got peoples backs up then wondered why he didn't get anywhere. even i left him for a while.

    he could have had a lot of help here if he had just learned a bit of diplomacy. we couldn't afford the work he wanted done at the time. but that was no excuse for the way he responded to the kind offers of developers prepared to do the work.

    i am ashamed of his actions toward many people. and i know, as he recovers (diagnosed as manically depressed, bi polar and drugged up on lythium) he is ashamed and hugely sorry.

    and so all i can do is offer this joint apology, from adclose and myself, for his past behaviour.

    btw, mike, adie did keep his end of the deal (in the end -and we apologise). and Drhup? i don't recall seeing that response from him to you, but we apologise. i do recall i contacted you, was left hanging in the wind and forced to find other developers (including one who started doing things for us for nothing but has since been earning several thousands of pounds from us thanks to the demise of adies father at the start of this year).

    well, merry christmas.