Problems with event calendar 0.83 on a new Elgg 1.7.1

I have just tried to installed this plugin and I get the message "misconfigured pluging, can´t be installed"

Any idea why?


  • Hi Alfonso,

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    I think that you would usually get a better response if you posted in one of the discussion forums, eg. the Getting started forum or the event calendar forum linked on the event calendar plugin page.

    However, in this case I think your problem is not the plugin but how you have installed it.

    If you have unzipped the plugin file, you should find a start.php and a manifest.xml file inside.

    In your case I'll bet that you have a directory inside a directory. Make sure the correct directory is copied to mod.  If Elgg doesn't find the right files in the right place it will quite rightly refuse to activate the plugin.

  • Just to clarify, you should have something like:

    mod/event_calendar/manifest.xml for Elgg to install the plugin.

    Don't have something else. Eg.


  • Thanks a lot Kevin for your fast and clear answer. I'm new to the Elgg community and I didn't know where to place my question.
    Anyway, It was as you said. I had udloaded the wrong folder.
    Now it's working beautifully and I want to congratulate you on your plugin. Good job!

    My best regards.

Alfonso Hinojosa

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