Guide to Plugins for Walled Gardens

Last updated by Ed Lyons

This document is part of the Elgg community's "Walled Gardeners" group, where you can get information about running a private site.  The group is here.



This will include plugins you might use to create a walled garden, and those that have to be modified if you want a walled garden.


Walled Garden plugin (walledgarden.tar.gz)

Do not use this plugin anymore.  It walls off things you have to have exposed.


Higher Walls (

This plugin extends what is in WalledGarden.  Also, it gets rid of RSS options and removes the public option from access.php.  I found I had a couple of bugs when removing public as an option.  (Therefore, I don't recommend using it) The biggest problem is that when you get rid of the 2nd index (his access.php line 27) you end up making it impossible for someone, when creating a group, to make it public.  If you want to use this plugin, here is my advice.  Get rid of the line unsetting the array in the first block, and check for the public option in the HTML. (See how to do that in another document for this group: "How to modify access controls for Walled Gardens") 


Site Access (by shellcode)

This should be the starting point for anyone who wants to do a Walled Garden.  It's by shellcode, and click on that link to see his plugins and get the latest version of site access.  It does a lot!

  • Walls off all pages you want, and gives you a "whitelist" of things you want outside (lost password, cron jobs, etc)
  • Allows a site registration code, so you can give that to people and they can register in a self-service fashion.
  • Works with the invite friends plugin
  • Adds basic captcha functionality to registration
  • Allows coppa (age check) to be turned on.
  • Allows you to easily edit the email templates for validation, confirmation, etc.