DEVING-DEVELOPING creator, creater either way hi

sorry i have been working with as a 3d developer well one of the community developers

it is challenging a lot different then php coding or what have ya, but i found most of my time is well worth it there instead of here. there on imvu im well respected and needed a lot as were here i wasnt accepted to much so i teneded to leave and only check in

have a nice day this is my update as of 2010 - 31- 3


you may read but not write on this im merly letting ones who know of me im doing great and yes i still will work with elgg i just tend to not be a issue and stay away. if i need help i dont come here i look else where to keep conflicts off site. it's just how i have became latly is all guys, nothing major only that i cant trust any is all so i tend to stay private now.