Language for site!

Hello Guys,

I am newb. So, please dont mind if it is asked 100 before. 

1. Is there any way to set a site language like "Bengali". How can I do that?

2. How can I make custom message, like at the time of log in, out. and customize elgg message "welcome to elgg database can not be con....."

  • Hi, I have some how managed to solve the 2nd issue, custom message.  Still, dont know how to integrate new languages for the whole site!


    another question,

    I have tried several themes, only few works fine. Others show loading (a revoling image) in all or most of the widgets. How to fix that? any idea?

    ** I want to keep the header fixed(because I will put an animation; I want that will be running even you want to write a blog or do what ever!)  while othe content can be refrashed, is it doable?



  • I want to install the Dutch language but have no idea how to do this? Maybe someone can shine a light on this?


  • Hi there!

    Try searching your language in the plugin index...

    Then if you have some plugin that miss default translation try copy-paste en.php the file in the language directory of the mods/plugins, rename it as your (2 letters) language sign (de for Dutch) and edit the file with text editor.

    You'll find there in all the messages' text for the mod, so you can tweak it to your flavor! ^_^

    Hope cuold help! J

  • Adding a language to your site is very simple to do. JeanBS explained roughly how to do it. Here is some further detail.


    Elgg deals in language files. Go to your root folder and you will find a languages folder. Open that and you'll find a 'en.php'. Open that in a text editor (I don't recommend notepad for this) and you'll see the layout of a language file. 

    To alter the language all you need to do is change the following:

    $english = array(




    $bengali = array(



    Then simply edit the following text:


    'login' => "Log in",

    'loginok' => "You have been logged in.",




    'login' => "blahblahblah",

    'loginok' => "something.",

    Remember to save as otherwise you will overwrite your en.php file.


    Every plugin (usually) has its own language file. You can find this out by going into the root folder of that plugin and seeing if there is a language folder. Open it up and check what you've got inside. Do the same operation as mentioned above in basics. 

    Saving - Important

    When you save a language file that's not en.php it must be encoded properly. (Notepad can't manage this easily). It must be encoded as UTF_8(w/o BOM). If you don't do this then you'll get a lot of question marks where you language should be.

    Recommended Editor

    I use this editor to do my work as it's very simple, clever and open source!

    Good luck. 


  • I am a Bengali. I would be doing Bengali translatio of Elgg when I get some time. If you drop me your email address, I will let you be notified when it comes out.

  • I'm a newbie and just uploaded my Finnish fi.php to the server and still it is not showing up in the selection of languages. Am I missing something??



  • @Saku: have you changed the first parameter of add_translation() in your language file to "fi"? Otherwise, Elgg does not know that the language file is about Finnish. You might also need to flush the site cache for the new language to be considered.

    You might also want to take a look at my German language pack plugin ( to see how you could add new languages files like a plugin instead of the need to copy them into the languages folders.