Are we ready for 1.7?

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Now 1.7 is a big buzz in the elgg's community. So Are we ready for that? Well yes! we are working hard on our izap_videos plugin to make it ready for 1.7. We are re-building core of our plugin. When we were first introduced with elgg. We had started with izap_videos plugins. And till now we are extending that script with more features. As we  were digging more deeper in elgg. We got more familier with elgg. We did lot's of other project and obviously it was very much learning process. Now we are better equipped with elgg. And we are developing izap_videos plugin from scratch. It is now going to be very much quality product. 25th of Nov is the date of candidate release of our plugin.
No more features will be introduced but with the better interfact, with better understand what's going on at backend. It will test your server for the features compatibility and suggest required action. Defined hooks and events will give an easy interfact to extend other plugins. etc