Elgg as Composer project.

Composer and elgg-cli did not exist to me until i started using elgg. I have read up on both, but still some things I don't understand.

I learn at a slower pace than most, I don't appreciate being treated like I haven't done my homework on both. I am new at this and still learning.

Anyway i am going to shy away from asking questions from now on.

  • I never understood why I should use composer as an end-"user" either. It might have advantages to use it for development but I had never experienced any advantage in trying to maintain a site (together with all plugins!) as opposed to make use of the "traditional" way of using zip files (regardless where to fetch them from). My "version control" is the version of Elgg / the plugin the zip is supposed to contain and any differences in files can be figured out using some diff tool.

    The elgg-cli commands have NEVER worked for me either! And I don't understand under which conditions they are supposed to work. I would have to execute the commands as root to get them working at all and I can't advice anyone to do that. Security aside, any files and folders created by root can't very likely not be read by the webserver just to name one other problem.

    If you have a test server you might want to give composer / elgg-cli another try. You could try to get accustomed to it and then make use on your production server. Otherwise, the old fashioned way of using zip files and the browser-based installation still works (and works perfectly fine if you ask me).

    As for the Elgg documentation of making use of composer I would also say that it's not really helpful. And searching the Internet (or making use of the composer docs) is not much better either because I see totally different target groups in the usual users of composer and Elgg users (admins). Just because you want to use Elgg does not mean that you are necessarily a coder. But maybe a coder does not understand that non-coders might have some trouble understanding the composer docs...

  • Still struggling through the same thing, but i am not asking anymore questions. I will eventually give up on it anyway, and that will be the end of it.

  • Still plugging away, having difficulty understanding elgg-cli questions though, but that's ok.

  • My question is the questions you have been referring to must be the elgg-cli file in vendor/bin. If not what questions are you talking about?



  • If you have a question, then ask. But don't let others guess what you might or might not want to ask specifically. This way you won't get any good answers anyway.

    With my last posting I've tried to give you some more general advice showing also that elgg-cli isn't the only way to install Elgg and that others haven't got it working using composer / elgg-cli install method smoothlessly either. On some servers it might not work with composer in the first place anyway. Have you tried to install Elgg using the zip file alternatively or don't you want to do it this way at all or what exactly is your current problem?

  • You explain how the zip file method approach works. I am trying to install elgg as a composer project, but still having issues getting composer installed.

  • You can follow the install instructions for composer from https://getcomposer.org/doc/00-intro.md#installation-linux-unix-macos (and also download it from there) or you might be able to install it using the package manager on your (linux) server. The elgg-cli commands have nothing to do with the installation of the composer package. Only if you have already let composer download the Elgg package (if using the composer method) will you be able to use the elgg-cli commands to setup your site.

  • Ok I will give that a try.

  • I gave it a try, but still isn't working for me. I am doing something wrong can't figure out what it is.

  • Is there a particular format the commands have to be in?

  • Have you gotten composer at least installed by now? How about giving at least some details about where exactly you are stuck and what the problem is (command you are trying to execute and the output of the command you get)? Without any info from your side apart from "it's not working" it's simply impossible to help you.

  • No I haven't that is still giving me trouble, that is why i asked if there was a format it had to be in.

  • Okay. No info from your side... Well, then I guess the only thing I can say right now: no, there's no special format or anything out of the ordinary in entering the install commands as described in the composer install instructions.

  • I have been trying to get composer installed, I have tried all the commands every which way, and still can't get it installed.

    Is there a command I don't know about?

  • You think "Yes" isn't a sufficient answer?

    Well, I've asked for you to give us some more specific feedback about what you tried, what error messages you get and so on... As you seem unwilling to provide any useful info about where you got stuck it's simply impossible to help you. And I've to say I have better things to do that asking you again and again the same thing. Maybe someone else is still willing. Good luck.

  • What is a doc file and where do i add it. I have read where it says to doc a file, so can someone explain this to me please?

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