template tutorials


Im new to elgg and currently I am developing a social networking site for a friend as a favour to make up for the failure of past designers they used. It 1st started in joomla but i found elgg which i think is better than joomla and easier to customise as it is all css.

I made a template for joomla but would like to customise it for elgg instead (please fidn the link below). What i'd like to know is if it is possible to customise my template to this layout for elgg



the coloured boxes on the left are for the latest feeds....each new feed will be displayed there with a link to view it in full.

in the centre the blue div is for content and the red is for the nav

on the right the top box is mainly for the user profile.....i.e. profile pic, edit profile link, blog link etc


if this is possible id appreciate if someone could let me know and also show me the best place to go for examples etc