Elgg as an intranet

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Elgg is not intented to be a CMS but his capabilities to share informations like articles, news, bookmarks, files, event, videos make him a good candidate to extend it in order to use as an intranet.

The scenario is the following:

1-Your company has workers, who work in a more or less hierarchied strucutures:

  • workers become elgg users
  • structures become groups
  1. Your Elgg is now your company's directory. Search who is who, what are his skills in the company, etc.
  2. You can  provide this way for each structures, a little personnal intranet, using the all capabilities of content sharing inside the group.

2-Your communication service wants to bring on the main page ... content.

Using an adpated plugin for the index (you will find some very usefull in the community), you can with a small work allow your communication department choose what informations from what communities he wants.

An easy approach would be to create the Communication group, and make the index page bring only the information relevant from this group. You can do this with plugins.

A second approach would be to let decide your Communication structure which groups and contents we want to promote on the main page. You can do this with plugins also.

In my company, i created in this attempt a custom index plugin, which can be used to develop the last approach.

Readers, do you use Elgg as an intranet, what choices did you made to adapt Elgg in your context ?

Fx Nion

I'am R&D engineer in a standardisation organisation. We use Elgg as the internal Company directory. As i really love the nice modeling approach of this tool, i made several plugin both for my company and the community.