Edit/save on groups

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All of a sudden my ability to edit and save a group has changed. I can edit any group but if I attempt to save it it will not do that!

Clues anyone?

  • Is there any error logged in the server's error log file or in your browser console? Have you made any changes recently (updated Elgg or a plugin or added a new plugin)? Maybe it hasn't changed "suddenly" but has been broken already since you made the most recent changes and you just hadn't noticed before. If you don't find any errors logged you might have to test with 3rd party plugins disabled to see if any plugin causes the issue and then re-enable the plugins one at a time to narrow down the cause.

  • Apologies for so long getting back about this but after 27 days of the virus my brain is like mush.

    No to all of the above - any further suggestions?

  • Okay while this problem is annoying it isn't fatal or anything.

    It appears that while I am able to create the group front page I am unable to overwrite it when I edit it.

    Is this a file permissions problem?

    Where do I go to check this?