'Semver' minor version: Is replacing (as opposed to overwriting) core files really necessary?

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The 'Upgrading Elgg' page says:

  • If doing a patch upgrade (1.9.x), overwrite your existing files with the new version of Elgg
  • If doing a minor upgrade (1.x), replace the existing core files completely

It was required to replace the core files completely when switching from 1.8 to 1.9.  But with the adoption of 'semver' (with version 1.10?), the minor update is now on the same level as what patch update was on 1.8. And with 1.8 patch updates we would just overwrite the core files.

So, is it still necessary to replace the core files with the current definition of minor update?


p.s. hope this is the right place for this question