Group member discussion delete function request

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i would like to put forward the following humble suggestion that the community groups function be extended to enable discussions be deleted by the group member who started them.


  • adc

    Because then we could remove items which no longer have any relevance. Issues which have been solved, or those which never resulted in any useful feedback. Look at my threads.. Most, if not all, could and should be removed:-)

  • I think both have value. Solved issue may help someone with a similar problem. Issues with no answer indicate that the problem at hand is most likely unsolvable - so the answer for those is basically "No-one recommends you to do that. Try some other approach".

  • adc

    Everything is solveable. Just because there is no interest from the community doesn't mean otherwise. As for items which were solved in the community, many very quickly pass out of date with new elgg releases. Other solutions should be made clearer or easier to find in the elgg documentation. i would appreciate the option to delete my own content if I judge it to be wasting space.