Elgg Documentation Errors

There's a few errors listed in Elgg documentation that the community needs to be aware of. In order to expose this to the developers, I opt that there should be a shared page for documentation errors.

Here we go:


  • It says: You can then, ultimately, pass this into the page_draw function: echo page_draw($title, $canvas_area);
  • echo is incorrect since page_draw already echo's.

Cash's comment: Thanks! This has been fixed in the wiki. Keep them coming!



There seems to be a bug in


function create_metadata(
		$entity_guid,           // The GUID of the parent entity
		$name,                  // The name of the metadata (eg 'tags')
		$value,                 // The metadata value
		$value_type,            // Currently either 'string' or 'integer'
		$owner_guid,            // The owner of the metadata
		$access_id = 0,         // The access restriction
		$allow_multiple = false // Do we have more than one value?


If I really create metadata with $value_type 'string' there is no type in the database. To be correct, I think this should be 'text'.