Getting a cover page for elgg

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I have been using elgg for the past seven years,this product is great.But I have a suggestion,why don't  we make elgg look exactly like twitter,with twice better features.Am sure we can do this

  • While I'm not a copyright lawyer, my understanding is if a site looked exactly like twitter's site (or any other for that matter) and had the same feel it would be in violation of their copyright.

    Again I could be wrong on this, you'll notice that elgg uses a thumbs up that doesn't look exactly the same as Facebook's.

    Not speaking for others, I'm more interested in having similar or better features in some cases than I am with elgg looking exactly like something else.

    Just my thoughts on the subject, others are free to disagree.


  • Good idea! I think the telgrams feature must be just like Twitter tweets, replying directly from activity river with ajax and mentions!

  • @ buule, Having a nice cover page for elgg is not a bad idea. In fact, you can get a better cover page for elgg than those big sites without breaking your bank.

    I have a new elgg cover page and group page plugin still in development. However, due to my busy schedule lately, I have not been able to finish all the details as my heart wished. I  hope to finish them soon and make them available for community members to download and enjoy.

    Meanwhile, if you you combine these two plugins just for begging to customize your site, you can have a better cover photo plugin for elgg.


  • This is just my ignorance, does elgg have the ability to push / send that out as a text to a person's smart phone?