Group invitations coming with a big delay

We have two installation of our Elgg system...production and development. On production group invitations appear immediately but on the development they come with 10-30min delay. What could cause this? The setup is "the same", just a different domain.

  • Dunno.  Are you using any notification modifications?

    When you say "the same" do you really mean it?  Including cron setup?  For some reason people never seem to set up cron on their dev servers.

  • Also, is there a reason you're using pages to ask this question instead of the group discussion?

  • Actually we haven't set crons on production or on dev...

  • PS: sorry, made a mistake, it should be in discussions ....

  • Is the email provider for the outgoing mails also the same? Maybe the delay in the arrival of emails sent from the test server is not due to Elgg or your server but due to the way these emails are taking. You could check the mail log on the outgoing emails. If the email is sent immedialy after the corresponding action has been made on the test site but still arrives only much later there's not much you can do, maybe apart from using another mail provider for sending these emails.

  • Actually the problem is in the notifications as in the icon on the upper left... not emails... so that's why it's even stranger. No idea how could this delay happen...

  • Actually, I thought about asking if you refer to site-notifications or emails. But then I thought "nah, he can't refer to site-notifications."

    What version of Elgg are you referring to? On Elgg 1.9 the site notification is handled via cron but on Elgg 1.8 it shouldn't matter for notifications if you have configured the cron jobs or not. Nonetheless, configuring the cron jobs (especially for your productions site) would be better as only then the jobs of optimizing and cleaning the database and rotating the log table will work (garbagecollector and logrotate plugins).

    Have you installed any plugins that deal with messages on your sites - "ajaxifying" the message icon, sending of messages? Maybe this plugin / these plugins are causing the delay (maybe in connection with the cronjobs not configured). Does the delay also occur if you only have the bundled plugins enabled? By default, Elgg core will not poll for arrival of new site-notifications (displaying their arrival in the topbar icon) but only check for new messages on a page load/reload.

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