elgg is slow?

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Im wondering how/if we can use pure php coding in elgg? seems like not working....

for example, I need a form...I have to define the form 1st, then use elgg_view_forms...to display the form....instead can I just define my own form? like <form  .......><input ......></input></form>..seems like not working.....and can I also just using pure php to code instead of using elgg's functions/class?

Because I realise that it is slow loading the elgg_view_forms and other stuff is slow too...


  • you 'can', but that's certainly not going to speed things up, and isn't the recommended way as those functions/classes are part of the API that allows plugins to change behavior

  • humm....

    my own form is not getting displayed...unless I use the elgg_view_forms....and define the form using elgg's structure...

    someone mind to give me some more info...how to break into the code, use my own code...instead of elgg's cos, the elgg_view_forms is slow.


    Thanks for all your input.

  • I'm serious, elgg_view_form isn't any slower than your own code...

  • Hi Matt,

    I may be wrong...for my understanding and test on elgg's api.

    elgg_view_form is getting the form from the pre-defined from in the form/xxx.php file.... its kinda include once()...which is accessing other files in order to echo a form/forms...

    so compare with the hard code form...isn't slower? especially when the form is getting lots other values and variables from database/other pages...

    My current problem is, own defined form is not evern showing up in the page....somehow...not sure if there's any other requirement to use your own code other then the elgg one's.


    Please advise.





  • As Matt said, using your own code won't yield any significant performance increases. In 100k interations you might see a few ms gain.

    We'll need to see your code to understand why it's not showing up. Please use gist.github.com and post a link to that.

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