Why some of plugins require framework?

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Q. What is framework?

According to hypeframework

hypeFramework is a collection of scripts, views and cascade style sheets that create an enhanced framework within Elgg. hypeFramework allows to avoid repetitive functions and snippets of code. Generic scripts contained with hypeFramework are recycled throughout hypeJunction plugins.

According to phloor:

Enables the core phloor environment. It provides basic functionalities, classes and views for all current and future phloor plugins.

So i think it is clear from the definitions why developers develop framework, of course to make their work easy! lol and save your bandwidth!

Q.Why many of you afraid from frameworks?
It’s clear that your are brain washed. if you found any problem in any framework than post the problem to plugin page instead of creating a new discussion topics.

My purpose for developing framework is "Giving the people more in less time"

  • So basically when you make a plugin you use framework to save you time adding stuff that you add to all your plugins, so if people dont want to use your framework they have to add them selfs : )

  • Makes sense its not as if you are charging people to use your plugins lol i did think your plugins were not good because of rj but in reality you are 1 of the best here! rj sold me a plugin that is available free i was quite upset but he edited it so in reality i paid him for his editing so nothing i can say more about that.

  • The problem isn't with frameworks, the problem is trying to maintain a framework within a framework. That generally means you're abstracting a bunch of framework functions even further, and you add in more functions to support more dependent plugins, then changes you make to existing functions in the framework ripple through the dependencies and it becomes a nightmare to maintain.  Changes to the underlying framework (Elgg) have an amplified effect breakin plugins further down the dependency line.

    Additionally, trying to get other people to collaborate on plugins, or fix things in a professional manner becomes difficult as there are entirely new and mostly undocumented functions being used as an alternate API.

  • According to Phloor framework developer 13net:

    The phloorFramework is abandoned. Please look for a replacement!

    According to hypeframwork developer Ismayil Khayredinov:

    The intention is to get rid of hypeFramework altogether in the near future. Working on making all plugins standalone.

  • and that makes even more sense now lol : )

  • @Liang Lee

    Phloor Framework is no longer being supported. Plugins don't work and it is extremely difficult to try to make one work. Liang Lee Framework is pretty much a mess, no coding standards and even the names of the functions have your name, which are not very useful. And the main problem is that you use the frameworkeven for the simpliest plugin.

    It is better to make plugins without frameworks. Some frameworks don't play nice with some plugins.