Use elgg to build communities that help people.

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Elgg is one of the best platforms that was built to help people and communities, lets do this in the best way possible,we are the Elgg Team all together

  • I think so ! And I try to help communities by turning elgg to a big tools for managment and collaboration... and to be influent.

    Take a look at this organisation:

    There are plugins for :

    • elgg-deck_river: (hootsuite-like) manage all your social network (facebook, twitter...) on the same place (get feeds and post to). Share your social account with other to colaborate and manage fb page or twitter account, send to fb or twitter, share easily...
    • elgg-brainstorm: (uservoice-like) share your idea and let's others vote on it. Get your points back when an idea is done.
    • elgg-workflow: (trello-like) manage task with others in lists and boards, add participant, provide due date, checklists...
    • elgg-ggouv_pad: etherpad like integration, write with others in real time!
    • elgg-consent_factory: (in progress) best way to make decision. Write your proposal, improve your proposal with other during clarification time, let's others suggest objection... realy democratic way to make decisions without vote complexity and security...

    Next step, get own virtual currency :

    It's time to community empowerment!