How to add ads, banners, advertisments to Elgg site

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Most Elgg site Admins search for OpenX  Elgg Widget or plugin that  provides a simple, straightforward way to place ads from an OpenX AdServer.

Twizanex ads systems help page

Here are five good links for anyone searching for how to add banners to Elgg site and monitize Elgg site:

  1. Elgg ads or banners plugin for elgg
  2. Elgg and openx online advertising adwords adsense and banner ads integration plugin
  3. How do i make adsense program worked on my elgg site
  4. Adverts and ads and boost traffic on Elgg websites
  5. Advertising banners etc... to elgg


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Hope it helps someone.

  • Tom, this is very rapidly approaching my spam threshold.  Reign it in please.

  • @ Matt Beckett , Thanks for your concern. Do you mean, to slow "it" down or bring something or someone under control? My intention was not to support any third party plugin or brand. This page is just for those who might want a short info or quick snack for a plugin that I am working on and about to release to the elgg community. In addition, the info might also be useful to elgg members who ask questions like this:

  • Well...

    1. That's an excessive amount of tags on this page

    2. The content of the page is nothing more than links to discussions where you prompt people to check out your site and request donations for plugins

    3. This sub-page is no more informative than the parent page which you linked to

    4. A number of those discussions were started by you under the pretense of "everybody's been asking me about..." where you advertise your upcoming plugin(s)


    Although all links use rel="nofollow" I can't help but get the impression that you're using Elgg's pagerank to advertise your own site.  I'm telling you politely to stop it.

  • @ Matt Beckett , Thanks for information. As a wise man who; "help others with good advice, enjoy wisdom, catious with reason, seek knowledge, value wisdom above riches, respond to correction, profit from correction, and last but not least control their anger" - I think  your advise is well received. Now lets get back to business and continue to do what we are good at - writting codes Twizanex Ads and helping others

  • @ RvR , Thanks for your effort of deleting the tags. I think what has just happened is that the guy who is climbing the rock up there will next time have hard time or job to find his way up to the top or stable ground. I hope there should be maximum number tags option so that other users with good intention don't end up in a situation like where we are today. Anyway you have used your powers and now let’s move on and continue to make it easier for others who might need help.


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