I have seen many posts maybe i am wasting my time but is there any plugins for seo becasue this is the most important thing lol its amazing there is no seo plugin that works well or is for i dont want to ruin my site again and need a seo plugin and my elgg site is complete without this i dont know what i am going to do i dont want to use pligg or other cms,s etc or joomla i like elgg and so do alot of other people here so i am going to wait but may make a pligg or wordpress site while i am waiting as time waits for no one : ( 

I just finished the main bit of my site with only a few changes to till i am finished and discovered theres no seo plugins and the ways i have found are ways that will probably mess my site up as i am no rocket scientist. I hope there is a way to fix this there is but i guess only elgg developers and programmers can do this for now which is no a level playing field, i am very confused how can somthing this important not be available lol 

I know seo and robots text means nothing..

  • Hi Ukid,

    I made such a plugin which creates dynamic and content specific metatags. But I did not share it yet. It creates specific meta descriptions and titles for all content, adds authors, specifies og:descriptions, types and a lot more.

    My first intention was to make this plugin publicly available in the community. Unfortunately, along the way it has been proven to be hard to make this a generic plugin since it highly depends on the purpose and type of members of a specific site.

    But if a lot of people really want this, I will make it more generically using plugin settings.

    But before everyone shouting that they need it, a warning upfront.  My plugin is live on my site ( and works absolutely flawless and you can check any content checking the source or see it has unique meta tags which hit 100% in most of the time on public metatag checkers. The downside is, that it has proven to have little impact on any major search engines.

    The reason for that is simple. Google and others creates their own meta descriptions based on the search a user enters and keywords are ignored completely.  It only uses the pre defined description if the search engine cannot determine what a user is actually searching for based on their search terms.

    For instance, if a user only provides centillien as search word, my (plugin) meta description will be shown. If it uses a different one (which is very likely) let's say "business network" a different description is shown below the title. Author has less to no value, unless a google+ account is attached to it and all other meta tags are also of less or no value.  Especially key words.

    Anyway , that is my experience untill now. If there are any real SEO expert that can tell me how to create effective rules, I can build it, but I really doubt there are any rules that can be given that helps in this field. Seo is a hot topic on internet, but in my opinion the biggest scam there is.

  • i would be interested to test and maybe evolve your plugin gerard.. without seeing what you have done in code i am unable to comment further.

  • @Ura, that is fine. How would you like to receive it. I can zip it and sent it, or put it on github.

  • thanks for the replys : ) would love to try, the plugin would need to have h1 h2 h3 h4 tags and you can enter them and a meta description you enter your self : ) without showing up on the page as eg: <metadata-jnsdnf34nlk>  or <'h1' shbdksjfs'h1'>

  • github would be best?

  • i am looking at gerard's code presently as gerard sent it to me by email.. though github would maybe be best since we can all combine efforts with it.
    @UK: i do not comprehend your comments about the h1 and metadata tags. since generally elgg pages have one or more h tags within their design gerard's plugin does not add any h tags, only metadata tags and titles.

  • hello@Gerard Kanters, i checked your site and seems to be perfectly working. I too want to use this plugin in my site. can you also please send it to my email and I'll check it out. 

    @UK what is your site? can i have a look into it. many thanks

  • @WebKrazy . It took me a while, sorry about that. But I have made my metatag plugin now available for everyone. So try it and I hope it works as good for you as it did for me.