Screenshots (version 0.8)

Some screenshots of the plugin:

First of all, CONFIGURE IT!!



My videos list:

My videos

A video view:

One video view

My friends's videos (every user needs to put his videos in friends status, if the user puts the public status then his video appears to every registered user on Elgg):

Friends' videos

When create a new video is clicked:

Create a new video

The widget to show the latest video in profile page:

Widget to show the latest video

  • Cool! This is just what I'm looking for. I will definitely check it out and let you know if I have any suggestions or improvements. I'm heavily involved in a vlogging web site that needs to move to another platform so I'm planning to spend some serious time and effort on customizing Elgg for the vlogging community.

  • This is absolutely awesome! Thankyou :)

    by the way i think ive stepped into the future with elgg and these wonderful mods....lightyears ahead of the sea creatures platform...if you know what i mean without naming a name ;p

  • how to translate upload flash form?