My - To be Fixed - List

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My list of little things that I need to fix, do or improve on my site:

  • Poll Extended: Group polls don't appear when you click the Group's Polls Link though they appear in the widget.
  • Poll Extended: Group polls don't appear in the river dashboard (voting on it does appear)
  • Polls: Don't appear on the custom_index front page. Division is there though not the content.
  • Search: Search not working
  • Tag Cloud: results not showing (same thing as the search) "Sorry; we could not find the specified profile."
  • Language Selector: Center the language flags
  • Three column dashboard: Center the videos in the videos widget
  • Three column dashboard: Member avatar goes over edge (check css)
  • Vanilla Forum: Need to change CSS of Forum so that it appears like the rest of the DarkElgg Theme of the site

These are the main things that annoy me for now.