FCKEditor 0.1 for Elgg 1.1

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I have created a group for the plugin but groups seem to have disapeared from the site. So this is here instead of being there.

I have uploaded a tar.gz and a .zip version of the plugin, but have not had time to get any more done, such as a proper README :-(

At the moment you need to edit the fckeditor_include file to change the configuration. The entries in this file define the FCKeditor configuration.

The other file of interest is the views/default/input/longtext.php file, which decides which tool bar to use where. It is a bit of a hack that I got to work without looking at the documentation, so there is probably a better way to do it. But getting the file browser to work is more important.


  • Thanks Don just keep up the good work., hope this happened today will fast out.... and lets wait hope everything will back in normal soon... more power elgg team.!

  • thenks for you plugin, i can embed applet (geogebra, descartes)

  • Great work don, well done mate.

    If each user only had access to their own uploaded files it would be perfect.


    The capability in this is awesome, thanks again.

  • The file fckeditor_include.php has some options like :

    StylesXmlPath' => $CONFIG->wwwroot.'mod/fckeditor/fckeditor/fckstyles.xml'

    Open the file in an editor and change the setting to  whatever you want. The settings are for FCKEditor, not Elgg. To find out more about the settings, go to the documentation on the FCKEditor site.

    This module is not ready for general use. I would stick with the TinyMCE module at the moment.


  • Just to let you know don, I experienced problems sending messages when I had your fck plugin activated.

    I got "You have to actually enter some text" when I tried to send a message. The problem went away when I deactivated the fckeditor.

    Hope that's of some help.

    Thanks for your efforts.