Anyone know what happened to the groups and the wire feed?

  • Ro

    I guess Elgg decided to strip down the home page. No new users, no wire posts and no comments.

  • This is a little worrying. Surely a community needs to communicate - even though some of the comments may be a bit critical?

  • Whre are the groups

    This is a social network, why admins are not able to display what happens with the groups and the wire feeds?

    Or is this community and the elgg script going down?

  • I thing this is a error. I can not believe that the Elgg team has decided something like this.

    I hope that they fixes this situation, otherwise, there is no sense to continue using the "community" because is not a community.

  • Patience people please?

    Unlike other open source projects elgg does not have large teams of people. It takes time to get to that level.

    Elgg is at a point where people need to be patient, problems may occur and not be fixed immediately.

    Can we please give the developers some time.

  • no discussions! no party! patience!


  • I agree with Ivan... a little patience is good.

    but I miss the groups!

  • Ro

    I sincerely think it was not an error.  I just think that Dave got sick of the criticisms.  But, when you handle things like they have, then you need to anticipate the criticisms.  There is a history to this whole thing and no we have not forgotten.

    If Elgg is going to move in a positive direction, then the developers need to release the best, strongest code possible and stop the whole commercial push.  Elgg is not at a point where we can get all commercial.

  • I think, there are a lot of possibilities.

    I reported some security bugs in the groups-plugin.  So the developers hide the link.

    But i think theres not a 'community way' to do this, without a message to the users.



  • lets see what happend next, but now we need to wait patiently., more power to elgg team! cheers!

  • I am not asking for much here... just some instructions.  I used elgg < 1.0 and was able to find plenty of info to do everything I needed back in the day.  Where is all the doucmentation.?  The Wiki seems to be, ummmm, limited.  Is there even a link to a pdf or any style of documentation.

    Thx in advance.

  • >where users who are joining go to view a list of all users

    I am sure I saw a way to do this ... try the mailing lists

    >Also what is a widget and how to add it

    A widget is like a hoodacky, a gizmo, a thingy, a portlet ....

    If you go to your profile on, and click edit page (top right of the page) you will get a list of widgets you can add to your profile, such as the widget that lists all the groups ...   such as the widget that displays all your freinds.

    There is probably a more elegant explaination ...

    > How do you add plugins

    See (but there is not a lot more there)

    "To install a plugin, simply copy the plugin's folder to the "mod" directory in your Elgg install.

    You must then activate the plugin:

    • Log in to your Elgg site with your administrator account
    • Go to Administration -> Tool Administration
    • Find your plugin in the list of installed plugins and click on the 'enable' button."

    > I have more questions and can't seem to find any direct answers.

    The mailing lists are a good place to start.

    Developer list

    User List

    *Note: These lists are searchable!

    > Where is all the doucmentation.?

    Yeah - it is a bit limited. But it will grow

  • I just finished a bunch of translations into spanish... and now I dont know how to release it. I suppose it should be on the spanish group, but... where is it??? :'(