features i'd like for elgg or elgg plugins

  1. automised process for plugin and core updates.
  2. pagehandler hijack being fully integrated as a core feature.
  3. ajax updates for as much as possible - primarily horizontal navigation tab changes on list pages.
  4. expansion and upgrading of layouts of tidypics.
  5. browser extensions for notifications - as with the chromium extension for facebook.
  6. integration of the elgg community_groups plugin features into core - e.g. grouping of groups (mainly).
  7. connection of 'embed' to 'tidypics' and 'videolilst' to allow image and video embeds directly.
  8. bottom_bar chat enhanced to include custom sounds to be added via admin for different events.
  9. the smileys plugin to be coded to function on all areas of the site.
  10. discussions to be enhanced so that the features and layout are comparible to other successful forum designs (e.g. view counts - stickys - thread subscription options)
  11. widgets for tidypics photos and videolist videos to be coded to support 1.8 widget structure (so they appear as standard in groups and homepage_cms etc).
  12. a way to restrict features only to admins, such as assigning categories to new items or uploading files to the file plugin. this would be an admin page that lists all the actions that are used in the site and checkboxes to enable them for different user types. i haven't used any 'roles' plugins so maybe this already exists?
  13. add a selector to the activity stream to filter the list to only display items in specific groups. (so you can choose a specific group and view the activity for it).
  14. add a selector similar to idea #13 to all entity listing pages to allow groups to be chosen, so only items for that group are shown.

  15. search results page (tags view) -> adapted to show images and other entity listing types rather than an undetailed view.
  16. integration of a nice image viewer into tidypics... like 'wowslider' or this 3d version: http://tympanus.net/Development/Slicebox/index4.html

some of these i can code and some are much better left to those who are already supporting the plugins.. i posted here to inform the cosmos. :) 

  • ok, your getting alittle off topic here...

    19. profile plugin, let the user select who can have access to their entire profile page, public, friends only, or nobody and they choose if the profile can be found from the search feature or hidden from search

    20. alerts, if someone visits their profile, they get a system message saying who it was with a photo icon and link to their profile, same thing with a new photo comment, comment appears as system message with link to the persons page or bubble messages appear as system messages notifying them when they are online who visited their page etc.

  • What bugs me now about the standard 1.8.12 is if you click on a menu tab, for example, groups, blogs, files, etc. then the word "groups", "blogs", *files* appears AGAIN very small under the menu. That's not necessary. Once is anough.

    And if we add another menu tab like "who viewed me", then the small font doesn't appear for this tab. For activity and members it doesn't appear either. Therefore it's annoying, for some tabs it appears, for others not.

    Also, what many themes are missing is when you log in as an admin,  they don't give you the "administration" option at all, the one next to Settings.

  • the small version of blog, group etc. is part of the breadcrumb trail which becomes more useful the deeper you go into the site. i agree it isn't needed on the base pages for each section.

    for menu alterations you can use the menu builder plugin and add whatever you want.. such as an admin link etc.

  • nice job with that plugin ura soul works good...

ura soul

co-creator of reality - admin of an online social network for healing, balancing & evolving.. plus maker of some free plugins for elgg