Suggested language changes for invitations mod

Last updated by Marsh Gardiner

Corrects some typos and changes some wording to the invitations mod:

'invitations:default:expdays' => "How many days should an invitation be valid",
'invitations:default:walledgarden' => "Enable walledgarden",
'invitations:default:label:enable' => "enable",
'invitations:default:label:disable' => "disable",
'invitations:default:enableforgottenpassword' => "If walledgarden: enable access to forgotten password pages",
'invitations:default:enableregistration' => "if walledgarden: enable default registration and link under login form",
'invitations:default:email' => "Default sender email address (site system mail address)",

'invitations:default:allowedusers' => "Who should be allowed to send invitations",
'invitations:default:label:all' => "all",
'invitations:default:label:none' => "none",
'invitations:default:label:admin' => "admin",
'invitations:default:desc:all' => "all users are allowed except those who are explicitly disallowed",
'invitations:default:desc:none' => "only explicitly allowed users can send invitations",
'invitations:default:desc:admin' => "only admins are permitted",

//admin actions: give permission to users, if restriction is set in plugin settings
'invitations:usersetting:label:allow' => "Allow Invitations",
'invitations:usersetting:label:disallow' => "Disallow Invitations",
'invitations:usersetting:allow:yes' => "User is now allowed to send invitations.",
'invitations:usersetting:allow:no' => "User can not be allowed to send registrations.",
'invitations:usersetting:disallow:yes' => "User is now unable to send invitations.",
'invitations:usersetting:disallow:no' => "We could not disable this user for sending registrations.",

'invitations:status' => "Status",
'invitations:status:pending' => "pending",
'invitations:status:expired' => "expired",
'invitations:status:used' => "accepted",
'invitations:status:usedby' => "accepted by",
'invitations:status:usednotconfirmed' => "accepted, not yet confirmed",

* Widget

'invitations:widget:moreinfo' => "more",
'invitations:widget:label:status' => "Status: ",
'invitations:widget:label:invitee' => "Invitee: ",
'invitations:widget:label:inviteemail' => "Invitee's Email: ",
'invitations:widget:label:message' => "Message: ",
'invitations:widget:label:sentas' => "Sent as: ",
'invitations:widget:label:sentby' => "Sent by: ",
'invitations:widget:label:registered' => "Registered as: ",
'invitations:widget:label:delete' => "delete",
'invitations:widget:delete:confirm' => "Are you sure you want to delete this invitation?",
'invitations:widget:delete:deleted' => "The invitation was deleted.",
'invitations:widget:delete:deleted:error' => "An error occurred. The invitation could not be deleted.",
'invitations:widget:link:yourinvitations' => "Your Invitations",

* Object list and single view elements

'invitations:moreinfo' => "more",
'invitations:label:status' => "Status: ",
'invitations:label:invitee' => "Invitee: ",
'invitations:label:inviteemail' => "Invitee's Email: ",
'invitations:label:message' => "Message: ",
'invitations:label:sentas' => "Sent as: ",
'invitations:label:sentby' => "Sent by: ",
'invitations:label:registered' => "Registered as: ",
'invitations:label:delete' => "delete",

* Plugin button, menu title, page title

'invitation' => "Invitation",
'invitations:invitation' => "Invitation",
'invitations:plugin:name' => "Invitations",
'invitations:page:title' => "Invite Friends to this network",
'invitations:button:send' => "Send invitation",
'invitations:widget:description' => "This widget will show the invitations you have sent on your dashboard.",

'invitations:submenu:yours' => "Your invitations",
'invitations:submenu:new' => "New invitation",
'invitations:submenu:admin' => "All invitations",
'invitations:list:title:yours' => "Your invitations",
'invitations:entity:notallowed' => "You are not allowed to view further contents",

* E-Mail elements

'invitations:email:subject' => "%s invited you to %s",

'invitations:email:mailbody' => "Hello %s,

%s has invited you to the %s website.
To accept your invitation, follow the link below:

This email was generated automatically. You can not reply to it.


'invitations:email:mailbodyuser:message' => "A message from the user that invited you:


* Errors

'invitations:register:error:expired' => "Your invitation has expired. It was only valid for %s days.",
'invitations:register:error:coderror' => "An error occurred with the invitation code. Make sure you used the complete link that was sent with the invitation mail.",
'invitations:register:error:used' => "This invitation has already been used, and therefore is no longer valid.",
'invitations:error:notallowed' => "You are not allowed to send invitations.",

* Input Form elements

'invitations:formintrotrext' => "Invite relatives! Fill out the form with their name and email address. You can add your own message to the standard message that will be send out.",
'invitations:label:fromname' => "Your Name",
'invitations:label:toname' => "Recipient Name",
'invitations:label:mailto' => "Recipient Email Address",
'invitations:label:subject' => "Subject",
'invitations:label:message' => "Message (optional)",

* Plugin action feedback

'invitations:send:successful' => "Your invitation has been sent.",
'invitations:send:unsuccessful' => "Your invitation could not be sent. Make sure all fields are filled in correctly.",
'invitations:email:invalid' => "Our system could not accept the email you've entered. Try again with a valid email address.",

* Registration Form content elements

'invitations:register:content:headline' => "Welcome",
'invitations:register:content:body:invitedby' => "You've been invited by %s",
'invitations:register:content:body:knownas' => "username in this community: %s",
'invitations:register:content:body:confirmationmail' => "After you submit this form, an email will be sent out to you with a confirmation link. You must click this link in order to activate your account!",