Hello Everybody,

After upgrading and completely restyling our network (actually few errors to fix and many translations to add)... Gianni (my friend + co-founder) and I want to express our deepest gratitude to all of the great people in this community and, very specially, to each single one of the following developers who made our dream of a social network dedicated to this world's sustainability come true.

After core special order... All of you are in our hearts :)

  • Core Developers (@brett.profitt @evanwinslow @CashCostello @steve_clay)
  • ColdTrick IT (@jdalsem @Jeabakker)
  • @kevin (Kevin Jardine)
  • @iionly
  • @RayJ
  • @slyhne
  • @Beck24 (Matt Beckett)
  • @gillie (Per Jensen)
  • @Dhrup2000 (Dhrupdescoop)


BUT this is not simply a thank you message. This is a promise : if our network will be successfull we will improve, increase and make our donations on regular basis. There's so little we can do as users here on this community other than bothering you devs with stupid questions and ideas ... but certainly we can donate! :)

Someone said "Code is poetry" and you all are Great Poets!

All the best!

Michele (and Gianni)

PS if you have 5 mins ... comments,criticisms and...also compliments are very welcome ;) on


PPS ... many others should be here on this page as well (ie Mark @Zander1983, ...) but at the moment (as of Nov. 2012) we limited to the ones whose plugins we're using....hope nobody will be offended by not being mentioned :)

  • Fantastic looking site, I can see huge amount of work went into it. Congratulations:)

  • :D just mentioned you in the PPS :D

    Thank you Mark...yeah, so many hours thinking about the style, feeling, usability, plugins, scope,.....actually months! But we're happy and feel it will be worth our fatigues ;)

  • @Michele I just looked at your site, very nice. 

    I did encounter a problem on your About page. I am not a member so I am not loged on. When veiwing the About page, all of the images on the left display an empty box with a ? and the members name displayed. My browsers are Chrome, Safari and FireFox. I am guessing you need to be logged on the see the images.


  • Hi Steve,

    Thank you very much for your comment.

    My question is: why would you like to see our pictures??? :D Just joking of course, thank you very much for pointing that out...we didn't notice it and yes, it depends for sure on the not-logged in issue...have to solve it.


  • hmm.. kinda forgot after gazing thru the site ;)

    nice, pretty, pleasant  !



  • great layout! except your images don't show up in your about page lol


  • Thank you guys here and also to those who PMed me! Hope to be able to fix those bugs soon.


  • One question: what's the best website security-check tool online? I mean something like ...

  • Michelle, congratulations for your site. Good work.

    And thanks for the feedback. Here we work for love. As I said before, I am a .net developer (And project manager at this moment), but develop for ELGG is my "side B", my hobby, its funny to me.

    Thanks again and good luck.

  • @RayJ thank YOU! We also are working for love money in, a lot of money out :)

    Love your "side B"! :D

  • ehh;-) michele.. yr words remind me of little story from few yrs back; not too happy one; i'd grabbed a 'client' (ngo,np,charity); just before final implement of project (several mnths P/T =approx~$3k if @commercial!) - they emailed me -> they not appreciate nor like my posting here @elgg that ~= i was associated with their website b/c i had 'nothing to do with their existing site' (yet;) !;-P} so i had to delete all my 'self-promotional' comments ref ->them; & lolz! nature took normal trajectory! they never got my code delivered into their site; but had to then go pay$ someone else to get stuff done; big pity b/c it was something very new (elgg.1.5) & never done B4 w/ elgg (i think there's maybe 1.5 'plugins' around now that do more-or-less similar. & -> i'd really enjoyed working out @technical challenges. so.. still; mia dolce vita travels on tralalala ;oO u shudda known me @then hehh ;-P i was young-er & more gullible !;-X that all said, i dare wonder.. maybe the code can be re-hashed re-engineered into what you've want-ed; similar functional design; i'll think over feasibility. b4n ;oO ps: no hard comments but can i copy yr site's pretty style looks for new gpl theme ;-P

  • Just to make sure....not to be misunderstood...we paid 100% of the job done and delivered :)

    Still few bugs to fix but job done and paid :)

    As for your question: if it were a functional plugin I wouldn't have no problems (and guess my partner as well) in releasing it to the community, noooo problems at all (and actually you know already ;) ref. PM).

    But, being a custom-developed theme, it is related to our recently born not-for profit company's branding and image so I'm very sorry to have to say that it's not possible to release the theme here. I hope this does not sound bad...and very sorry if so.