2. Altering your github pull request

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You've submitted a pull request ("PR") against the Elgg repo and core members have asked you to make some changes.

Check out your work branch in case you've been working on something else in your local repo:

cd ~/htdocs/elgg112
git checkout my-branch-name

Make your changes as necessary, test and commit them as an amendment:

git commit --amend

This will merge your changes into your last commit.

What if I have several commits? We generally prefer you to "squash" these into one commit. This is a quick operation but scary the first time, so watch one of these videos and follow a tutorial.

To update your PR, just re-push to your github repo:

git push -f

On the PR page you'll see the additional commits at the bottom. If you think necessary, add a brief note describing the changes.

That's it!