NexGen Elgg Export Import

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The only difference between this 'framework' code and the elgg core code 
at page\elements\footer.php is the addition of the header text that says "
* @copyright Copyright (c) 2012, Liang Lee," !!
So does this mean that the people cannot use the code
without  permission from LiangLee ?
Does this mean that Brett Proffit & the Elgg Team
DID NOT write this Code ?

<!--?php <br-->/* LiangLee Main Page
 * FrameWork for Liang Lee Plugins
 * @website Link:
 * @package LiangLeeFramework( LEFW )
 * @subpackage LiangLeeFramework( LEFW )
 * @author Liang Lee
 * @copyright Copyright (c) 2012, Liang Lee,Syed Arsalan Hussain Shah
 * @File lefw_d_footer.php
<!--?php <br-->
 * Elgg footer
 * The standard HTML footer that displays across the site
 * @package Elgg
 * @subpackage Core

echo elgg_view_menu('footer', array('sort_by' => 'priority', 'class' => 'elgg-menu-hz'));

$powered_url = elgg_get_site_url() . "_graphics/powered_by_elgg_badge_drk_bckgnd.gif";

echo '

echo elgg_view('output/url', array(
    'href' => '',
    'text' => "\"Powered",
    'class' => '',
    'is_trusted' => true,
echo '';



  • wow.. what a Phd.. can some one see what this code is say??

    Liang Lee copy rights are in comments... 

    see from where the code is starting....


     * Elgg footer
     * The standard HTML footer that displays across the site
     * @package Elgg
     * @subpackage Core

    every page copied from elgg in lees framework has elgg copy rights.

    where the elgg copy rights are violated??

    I already said you if u had some personal grudge lets dont disturb the community, go some real fun fighting and all crap minded stuff..

    You seems a nice gentlemen with plenty of free time… my time and elgg community admins time is precious…

    @ admin all this is just a personal hatred this guy has with me.

    I respect all rights of elgg foundation and will be here to improve as much as I can

    It is my second sincere request to gut us rid of these time waste activists so we give more to community rather putting mud on each other faces…


  • Lee, I dont think is hate. This is something that concerns the community. Remember what Evan said about you some months back

    Evan Winslow 50 days ago

    Liang Lee has a habit of copying other devs plugins, making small (or no) changes, and releasing them as his own without any sort of effort to collaborate with the original devs.

    It is not hate, is something that has been going on for a while, and it is ruining the good name of developers. 

    We are here to learn, share, and help others. I believe you have the skills for elgg. Your best plugin, and the one that I like the most, is the New Administration Dashboard plugin. See, you have some good skills.

    What are we trying to say is, to let go the framework and start releasing stand-alone plugins. It is less tricky, less complicated, and most of all, easier to distribute and recommend.

  • rjcalifornia 

    thanks for like my admin pannel.

    i had many common functions in my plugins so as i previously said it saves my time to generate a plugin. i always had welcomed comments that are to enhance or correct the bugs. but our friend dhrup had some serious issues always. 

    hes the one de motivating factor, always take things in negative. 

    for eaven winslow issues please see my claim and plugin dif on his plugin page

  • @rjcalifornia 

    brother there is so much diffrence in my and Evan's Plugin

    My Plugin Did not support this which are in evans 

    • Embed +1 buttons and plus-badges wherever you want with provided views.
    • Registers google maps js api (google.maps)
    • Registers google jsapi client (gapi.client)
    • Registers google js loader (google.load)
    • Support for tracking multiple subdomains
  • @rjcalifornia 

    sorry if humilated. all this was copied from my own post to eavens plugin page.

    definately u cant be my brother.

    "almost the same" and "same" are far away..... like facebook and other socil open source networks. hope you know what i mean. 

  • NexGen Elgg Export Import

    ( keeping my notes here for those interested;
      until i can get back to speed @github ;o )

    looking into what should have been the *simplest
    export/import -> the elgg site -- not so easy !!
    There is abt * 11 different data stores needed
    to handle the site - after looking into all the
    logically relateddata necessary.

    this logical and selective export/import of elgg data will
    be taking a little lot more work than all thought earlier.

    who wants to help out ?

  • @juho

    I've made some progress with the design.
    You expressed interest before.
    R U still interested in developing this together
    Or R U just waiting for me to finish code and
    Release for everyone else to enjoy minus the effort?;-)