deprecated in 1.8: Plungin Market 1.9 in elgg 1.9: Revision

deprecated in 1.8: isloggedin() is deprecated user_is_logged_in()

deprecated in 1.8: elggentity::getowner deprecated for elggentity::getownerguid



I have elgg version 1.9 and installed slyhne's friend plugin market (Congratulations). Then testing plugin when deleting the item appeared to red card with two warnings:

deprecated in 1.8: isloggedin () is deprecated user_is_logged_in () Deprecated in 1.8: elggentity :: getowner deprecated for elggentity :: getownerguid I got this warning by disabling engine / lib / deprecated-1.8.php respectively on line 3060 and engine / classes / elggentity.php line 1241. I do not know what problera may have disabling these lines but solved problem. If someone goes through something similar is the tip.