Possible to make wire same as facebook newsfeed?: Revision

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Hi friends

I know elgg version 2 is coming soon, I am waiting badly as I love elgg and I am back to elgg after long time. I wasted my time on paid softwares and now regret my money and time. Now I only can understand why elgg is so powerful and the most important it's FREE.

The only thing in elgg makes me little bit sad is the wire system. When we post something in wire, and when we comment to that post as well. Then in the activity page it shows only the comment and does not show the real post where the comment was made.

Is there any plugin which can convert this wire in to real newsfeed same as facebook, vk.com etc ?

Also can you suggest me if custom themes are okay to use? Because I feel only the core theme is the best to work on it. If I use custom themes then lots of plugins not working there or makes the site slow. Is that true with custom themes?

I would really appreciate if experts can reply here and give me some good answers. As I am really going to by domain to build my first live elgg website. I am so exited about it, only thing makes me wonder if I can change the wire system. Would be better if on the main activity page we can start posting instead of going to the wire page to make post there.

Many thanks in advance.


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