How to install Elgg on Windows XP: Revision

How to install Elgg on Windows XP

Elgg Installation


1. Open IIS (type inetmgr in run)

2. Open Default web site, property and change the default port from 80 to another


1. Install easy PHP

Download URL:

The above URL will redirect to following URL.


2. Download Elgg

3. Create Elgg folder your root (www) created under easy PHP installation

4. Create HTML under Elgg folder

5. Create Data folder ender Elgg folder

3. Paste Elgg engine (extracted from downloaded zip from ) into HTML folder


4. From the tray icon go Configuration/Apache find the line "#LoadModule rewrite_module modules/" and remove the "#"

5 - From the tray icon fo Configuration/PHP find the line ";extension=php_curl.dll" and remove the ";"




4. Run PHP and elgg


 If you see Welcomw to elgg then , elgg has been setup , now time to configure database