Using all social cms's on many sites which is the best for a education site?: Revision

In my opinion elgg is the best, why?

Community is the best of all scoail cms's out there & there is amazing support and many free plugins!

Also elgg takes up less cpu than all social cms's i have used minus the chat feature.

Now i dont want to be a douche but i am using other cms's and there themes are amazing compared to elgg though the plugins are ok not bad though elgg has more options for plugins though no games plugins as of yet.

Basically elgg needs some really good themes, about me as standrad etc i am thinking 1.9 is were this will all happen. I am really confused as wther to stay with elgg or use another social cms due to the themes being much better and other stuff like dating site features games and many other things.

I am using elgg on 3 sites right now and do not plan to use another cms for those sites so in no way am i leaving elgg for any of the reasons above, the questions and information i have provided are to determine what cms to use for a site that is for clients who will stand for nothing but the best.

Though as i said before all other social cms's support communitys are really rubbish and slow to release new plugins. Basically elgg needs some really good themes to be released as at this time elgg's themes are not doing it any justice as it is the only major flaw i can think of to be honest