Quick way to type code in the Community's WYSIWYG editor: Revision

Last updated by Steve Clay

Until we can outfit the Community site with a better editor, here's how I put preformatted text in without going crazy.

  1. Hit Enter twice to make two empty paragraphs. (The second one will make it easier to add content after the code.)
  2. Type the code into the paragragh, using Shift+Enter for newlines. This is important; you want this all in one P element.
  3. Use spaces instead of tabs.
  4. Click "Remove editor".
  5. Find the P element containing your code and change both the opening and closing P tags to PRE tags.
  6. Click "Add editor" to return to the WYSIWYG and finish your post.


  • The HTML will have BR elements and nbsp entities. Not ideal but this is not worth worrying about.
  • For inline code, I just bold it. $foo = 'bar'; It's quick and fairly readable.