Adverts and ads and boost traffic on Elgg websites: Revision

I was just reading discussion on elgg and i saw a lot of questions about ads needed on  elgg websites using "Facebook theme for elgg" and "My cool theme" other popular elgg based themes .

Take a look at and let me know if that is what you want on your website... Open the website and then click on any profile activities and look on the left and right side of the page. As you click on diffrent menues on the left side, the ads are reloaded with new ads each and every click you make... i mean, each Twizanex page has diffrent ads loaded when a page is browsed or when twizanex links are clicked. I have only tested it on "Facebook theme for elgg". For those using "My cool Theme" and other popular elgg based thems, you can test it out when it will be ready for download on elgg community.

I had to design a plugin that is taking care of the whole twizanex site ads. The twizanex ads or adverts plugin works without too much codes changes... just activate the plugin and your site is twizanex ads ready to go...

Let me know  if that is what you are looking for...



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