ToDo: Revision

Last updated by steven

this is needed here to get live:

  • Blogs
    • need an Read more link
    • possibility to create links in the reight column, which will show defined tags as categories. for example: Blogentry with tags jumplog, 211, freefly. the category should be named Jumplog and it has to show blog posts containing the tag jumplog but only the posts from myself
  • Groups
    • The Groups must getting ore advanced or a different Forum has to be included
    • Group blogs where obly group owners/moderators can blog
    • possibility to change group owner and allow more than one
    • group forum activity isn´t shown at latest activity
  • Multimedia
    • Gallery with Photo tagging functions
    • mod wich allows to include videos from youtube,and other providers
  • Events and Calendar functions
    • topmenu link to calendar should be added
    • next 5 to 10 events shown on frontpage
    • new event entries in latest activity
  • Profiles
    • User Tag specific Tagcloud in profile
    • start with default widgets
    • ...
  • Polls
  • Tagcloud
    • remove the komma (,) between the tags  - done (\views\default\output\tags.php)
    • see profiles ( user specific tagcloud widget)
    • tags sorted from A to Z