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Hello Everybody,

After upgrading and completely restyling our network (actually few errors to fix and many translations to add)... Gianni (my friend + co-founder) and I want to express our deepest gratitude to all of the great people in this community and, very specially, to each single one of the following developers who made our dream of a social network dedicated to this world's sustainability come true.

After core special order... All of you are in our hearts :)

  • Core Developers (@brett.profitt @evanwinslow @CashCostello @steve_clay)
  • ColdTrick IT (@jdalsem @Jeabakker)
  • @kevin (Kevin Jardine)
  • @iionly
  • @RayJ
  • @slyhne
  • @Beck24 (Matt Beckett)
  • @gillie (Per Jensen)
  • @Dhrup2000 (Dhrupdescoop)


BUT this is not simply a thank you message. This is a promise : if our network will be successfull we will improve, increase and make our donations on regular basis. There's so little we can do as users here on this community other than bothering you devs with stupid questions and ideas ... but certainly we can donate! :)

Someone said "Code is poetry" and you all are Great Poets!

All the best!

Michele (and Gianni)

PS if you have 5 mins ... comments,criticisms and...also compliments are very welcome ;) on