Favorite Plugins: Revision

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In reply to Steve Clay suggestion here http://community.elgg.org/discussion/view/1125895/share-your-top-10-plugins , this is my list.

What an hard job to select them and at the end couldn't help to make it a Top 15 instead of Top 10 ....

Hope it helps somebody and thank Steve for trying to make us all interact on this interesting issue!


comment tracker Matt Beckett http://community.elgg.org/plugins/872640/1.1/comment-tracker-18x Must-have to keep users informed and active on community's activietes
digest Jerome Bakker (ColdTrick IT Solutions) http://community.elgg.org/plugins/797106/2.0%20beta/digest For lazy community members to be informed via email and possibly participate in community's discussions
donation Slyhne http://community.elgg.org/plugins/401957/1.8/donation Offer elgg-based sites an easy and elegant way to ask for donations 
elggx_userpoints Iionly http://community.elgg.org/plugins/813379/1.8.2/elgg-18-elggx-userpoints Helps increasing users' status acknowledgement by and inside communities
event manager Jeroen Dalsem (ColdTrick IT Solutions) http://community.elgg.org/plugins/736695/2.2/event-manager Great, elegant, feature-full to notify community users about events
friend_request Jerome Bakker (ColdTrick IT Solutions) http://community.elgg.org/plugins/384965/3.2/friend-request well, speaks by itsef :)
html email handler Jerome Bakker (ColdTrick IT Solutions) http://community.elgg.org/plugins/709492/2.2/html-email-handler Nowadays can't live without html email, notifications, etc.
language_selector Jeroen Dalsem (ColdTrick IT Solutions) http://community.elgg.org/plugins/384977/2.0/language-selector for multilanguage sites, must-have
notifications subjects Matt Beckett http://community.elgg.org/plugins/876327/1.1/notification-subjects-18x better subjects better and more engaging community
polls Kevin Jardine https://github.com/kevinjardine/polls Voting is power!
profile_manager Jeroen Dalsem (ColdTrick IT Solutions) http://community.elgg.org/plugins/385114/7.4/profile-manager Can't live without it, you must install this to customize your site, for sure you need custom profiles types
spam_login_filter Ray J http://community.elgg.org/plugins/774755/1.8.2/spam-login-filter Great, solves almost all spam related problems also see here http://community.elgg.org/discussion/view/1125310/blocking-spammers
suggested friends Matt Beckett http://community.elgg.org/plugins/869921/1.2/suggested-friends-18x Increases interactions among users
tidypics [Settings] The tidypics team http://community.elgg.org/plugins/385077/1.8.0%20rc1/tidypics-photo-gallery-plugin well, how can't you have a photo sharing plugin like this?
translation editor Jerome Bakker (ColdTrick IT Solutions) http://community.elgg.org/plugins/385116/1.2.1/translation-editor for multilanguage sites, must-have