How to check out a pull request for testing: Revision

Last updated by Steve Clay

A pull request ("PR") represents a request to merge a git branch into one of Elgg's version branches. To test it you need to check out the PR branch into your local Elgg install.

First, determine which version the branch is for. You don't want to put 1.9/master branch code into your 1.8 development system and vice versa. Let's say the PR is for 1.8

cd ~/htdocs/elgg18

Now, from here you need to add the PR author's Elgg fork as a remote, figure out the name of his/her PR branch fetch the PR branch from github directly. Let's say it's PR #123:

git fetch origin pull/123/head:pr-123
git checkout pr-123 

You're now ready to test!

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