NeXgeN Young Elggsters: Revision

Last updated by DhrupDeScoop

    Ben Watkins, 11 years old Elggster, from my own FKKids
    ('FaceBook For Kids') one-of-a-kind, *largest non-commercial elgg-based
    web-site in the world today. Speedy has learned Elgg Code-Stuf pretty
    quickly and.. also lolz ;O 'dabbles' in.. Python coding. For those that
    not knows - Python is OOP language. Speedy also, at his apparent
    young age - does freelance web-building consulting! esp w/ Elgg.
    Rodolfo @4th world country ElSalvador but churns out top quality 1st Worlder Elgg
    themes like they're M&Ms ;)

boredd... so i'm a-startin something new, something ole.. muah ex-elgg-youngsters page. i'll setup a subdomain somewhere for the smart skids sometime soon. speedy knows what its at..