NexGen Elgg Performance Forgotten Improvements: Revision

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Elgg Performance the Forgotten Improvements

While we're on this happy roller-coaster cruising for nu trix, nexGen theming, plugging and all those pretty pretty elgg-toys.. we r not to leave auld aspects behind - Elgg Performance. No, not the highfalutin super-tech stuffs that - with no exceptions - all Elgg Devs so freely and flagrantly flaunt, but the lesser known, the 'forgotten' simpler (a través del principio de kiss?) tricks that are guaranteed to improve performance metrics in any programing language, on any server platform, on any hosting !

I will be finishing off my 'secret' but not for much longer - notes that I've been been on/ off/ on.. preparing for this arena. Those simple little stuffs that change performance - " The quiet ones are the ones that change the universe.. The loud ones will only take the credit "

And so, soon we shall consider the merits of the those quiet little ones that can and will change the performance of your Elgg sites. Just please gimme some patience, and  way or another we shall have the point of performance demonstrated and the metrics to prove it too.. ;-X