Pages: Revision

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The pages plugin allows all the users (you are included) to save and store hierarchically-organized pages of text, and restrict both reading and writing privileges to them. This means that they can collaboratively create a set of documents with a loose collection of people, participate in a writing process with a formal group, or simply use the functionality to write a document that only the creator can see, and only choose to share it once it's done.

The easy navigation menu allows the users to see the whole document structure from any page. They can create as many of these structures as they like; each individual page has its own access controls, so they can reveal portions of the structure while keeping others hidden. In keeping with all other elements in Elgg, they can add comments on a page, or search for pages by tag.

Obviously the admin has super-access to all the pages.


Pages really come into their own in two areas, firstly as a way for users to build up things such as a resume, reflective documentation and so on. The second thing is in the area of collaboration, especially when in the context of groups. With the powerful access controls on both read and write, this plugin is ideal for collaborative document creation.