Licence: Revision

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The full Elgg package is available under the GNU General Public License, version 2.

To read the terms of this license, please visit the GNU license page.

Please note that the following does not constitute legal counsel and we recommend you consult with a lawyer to be absolutely sure about the answers to these questions. The Elgg Foundation cannot be held responsible for decisions you make based on what you read on this page.

For questions not answered here, please refer to the official FAQ for the GPLv2.

Can I remove the Elgg branding/links?


Can we build our own tool that uses Elgg and sell that tool to our clients?

Yes, but then your clients will be free to redistribute that tool under the terms of the GPLv2.

Can I modify the source code?

Yes, but in general we recommend you make your modifications as plugins so that when a new version of Elgg is released, the upgrade process is as painless as possible.

If I use Elgg to host a network, can I charge users membership fees?


If I use Elgg to host a network, do I have to make the source available?

No, if you are using Elgg to provide a service, you do not have to make the source available.

If I use Elgg to host a network, does The Elgg Foundation have any rights over my network?