Elgg or Drupal?: Revision

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I've been considering both. And, I have a few concerns about using Elgg. First of all, since it is relatively new, and a much smaller project, I wonder: how long will Elgg be active? Drupal seems like it has a massive developer base, and is going to be around for a long time. Many develpers use Drupal professionally. 


Now, there is Elgg. And, so far, I think that it is kind of cute out of the box. I do like many of the features, and it is simple to set up. If I need a social media site tomorrow, this would be the softwar to use. 


However, my concerns about weather or not Elgg will be around are deepened by thoughts of: what is this software best suited for?


For me, and from my experince thus far, Elgg seems much better suited for educational use. It just doesn't have the amount of developers contributing relevant work to the project yet. That'\s not to say that it won't, but this is a bit discouraging. Will Elgg be ready for commercial social media use in the future?


I have a lot of respect for the guys who've put in all this hard work to make this project happen. But I'm wondering about these few concerns. 


For instance, what if I start a dating site? And, what if my users need to find a match? How are they going to find anyone with the current search or members feature? The plugins, currently, are not evolved to the point where I would feel comfortable using them in a commercial setting. 


All in all, my main concern is: just what direction is Elgg going in? WIll Elgg be used in educational settings and leave other sites behind? And, how long will the project be around? What about updates, security, things like this need ot be addressed.


Hopefully, though, I am deeply looking forward to the Elgg Camp at Harvard to see just where Elgg is headed...