RE: Installatoin problems: Revision

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I have a fresh working install of mysql, apache and php5 with the necessary modules as described in 'technical requirements'.  However, completing the installation by visiting my new page has exposed an error that I cannot figure out:  after creating .htaccess and other files (as prompted by the install process) I cannot create System Settings. 

Clicking "Save" on that page takes me to http://localhost/action/systemsettings/install . However this page is blank. In fact in my document root there is no directory 'action' rather it is 'actions'.  Changing that however did not fix the problem. 


Has anyone sucessfully install a fresh version (not an upgrade) of elgg 1.1 and found this problem?


RE: Installation problems. I am having the same problem as you described above. Has anybody managed to find a solution to this problem?

My apologies for spelling 'installation' wrong too.

See this link if you're having trouble: