Memcached and elgg: Revision

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Install memcached Download the Memcached Win32 library here: Just get the Win32 binary (direct link). Extract the downloaded archive file in a directory (e.g. c:\memcached). There should be a memcached.exe in there. Run a command prompt as an administrator. Some info on how to do that here. Install memcached as a service. Go to the memcached directory, type and run:

memcached -d install

If you get an error saying “MSVCP71.dll is missing”, see this page for a solution.

Start the memcached service by running:

memcached -d start

You can verify if memcached is running by executing this in the command line:

wmic process get description, executablepath | findstr memcached.exe

You should see a result list showing memcached.exe and its full path.

Install PHP Memcache extension (php_memcache.dll)

  1. Chances are you don’t have php_memcache.dll in your PHP extensions yet. You can download the correct build here.
  2. The archive should contain php_memcache.dll. Extract the archive to your php extensions directory. On my system (WampServer), this was C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.3.0\ext.
  3. Edit php.ini, add this line to enable the extension:


    Or if you’re using WampServer, restart it and enable the extension through the WampServer system tray menu.


Test the installation using the sample PHP code here: