Elgg Seo Speed by Noelab.com: Revision


Elgg Seo Speed Plugin

Fast by Default - Elgg Performances and SEO by NoELAb.com

Full description:

1. Boost your Database performance

Every time your site references, for example your Site Address (like $CONFIG->wwwroot) via Elgg template variable, a query must be made to your database. This seems happens more often than you may realize, as there are a number of template variable and parameters that access the same kind of informations.

The plugin tries to eliminate these unnecessary database queries by enabling us to hardcode the values directly into the PHP construct. By defining the ELGG_XXX constants in your site’s plugin start.php file, you can boost performance by reducing the number of queries made to your Elgg database.

This is the way in this plugin. Look at ---> mod/noelab_seo_speed/start.php

/* Initialise the elgg seo speed */
    function noelab_seo_theme_init(){
        global $CONFIG;
/* Fast by Default - Elgg Performances and SEO by NoELAb.com (Italian Support Group for Elgg) */

/* set here static site url*/
define('ELGG_URL', 'http://localhost/hg/elgg/trunk/elgg/'); // elgg url    
define('ELGG_WWWROOT', 'http://localhost/hg/elgg/trunk/elgg/'); // elgg wwwroot = elgg url    

/* set here static admin site data system*/
define('ELGG_DATAROOT', 'E:/xampp/htdocs/dataelgg/hg/trunk_elgg/'); // elgg view path url
define('ELGG_PATH', 'E:/xampp/htdocs/hg/elgg/trunk/elgg/'); // elgg view path url
define('ELGG_VIEWPATH', 'E:/xampp/htdocs/hg/elgg/trunk/elgg/views/'); // elgg view path url
define('ELGG_PLUGINSPATH', 'E:/xampp/htdocs/hg/elgg/trunk/elgg/mod/'); // elgg plugin path url
       /* standard settings for this plugin*/
define('ELGG_LANGUAGE', 'en'); // elgg site language: [en]
define('ELGG_SCE', '1'); // elgg site simple cache [enabled]
define('ELGG_VCE', '1'); // elgg site viewpath cache [enabled]
define('ELGG_VIEW', 'default'); // elgg view: [default]
define('ELGG_DEFAULT_ACCESS', '2'); // elgg default access: [2=public]
define('ELGG_AUDA', '0'); // elgg allow user default access: [0=no]
define('ELGG_PING_HOME', 'disabled'); // elgg ping home : [disabled]
define('ELGG_DISABLE_API', 'disabled'); // elgg disable api: [disabled] => Do you really need them?

/* insert here your site data*/    
define('ELGG_SITENAME', 'Elgg Seo Theme - 1.7.4'); // elgg site name
define('ELGG_DESCRIPTION', 'Fast by Default and Elgg Performances'); // elgg site description
define('ELGG_MAIL', 'put_your_data_here'); // elgg site email

/* Insert here your metatags */
define('ELGG_META_AUTHOR', 'NoELab info@noelab.com'); // elgg site metaauthor
define('ELGG_META_KEYS', 'elgg,theme,seo,italian,support,group'); // elgg site metakeys
define('ELGG_META_ROBOTS', 'index,follow'); // elgg site metarobots

/* Insert here your CDN */
define('ELGG_CDN_GOOGLE', 'http://ajax.googleapis.com/'); // google cdn        

/* now convert configuration elements in static elements */
/* new static site url */
/* new static admin site data system */
$CONFIG->simplecache_enabled = ELGG_SCE;
$CONFIG->viewpath_cache_enabled = ELGG_VCE;
$CONFIG->default_access = ELGG_DEFAULT_ACCESS;
$CONFIG->allow_user_default_access = ELGG_AUDA;
$CONFIG->ping_home = ELGG_PING_HOME;
$CONFIG->disable_api = ELGG_DISABLE_API;
/* new static site data */    
$CONFIG->sitedescription = ELGG_DESCRIPTION;
$CONFIG->siteemail = ELGG_MAIL;