Receiving SPAM from Users: Revision

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Hello fellow elggers,

I have been receiving spam from users in my Windows Live mail account.  Here is an example of one such e-mail:

I am Sandra by name a quiet and sincere girl. i love honesty and truth. I trust people very much.I like nature quiet walks in the parks holding hands listening to the whispering breeze and the songs of the birds; admiring the smiling eyes of my lover, I hope to meet my true love, I will give him all myself completely.i wait to hear from you.i whish you will know me well and see me on picture.i hope to meet you soon.Yours New Friend from, Sandra.

I understand that its very difficult to distinquish between genuine community users and those who use it solely to spam, I just thought I would inform you all of what is going on.




Greetings. I have recently discovered elgg, and I'm loving it!